Dog’s make me so happy!




Don’t Let Christmas Fade Away


image This a song sung and written by a cousin of mine. The lyrics are so true to the day and hour we live in! Enjoy!

One day at a time and one stitch at a time ~


Seasons come and go

So, I wanted to share with you these hats that I love to make! I am temporarily laid up and not able to do much of anything as of late. I am very much missing creating and stitching but trying daily to stay positive and know that this is just a season and a new season will be headed my way soon! I have a strong faith and believe that God will get me through this difficult time. Anyway, I will post the YouTube video in this post or my next so that you can enjoy making this hat as much I enjoy it!

Life Lessons: 10 Important Things I Learned from the 25 Years of My Life


This was such an inspirational read and well worth the few minutes of my time! Passing it on so you will be inspired as well ~ bencouraged

Becoming Christians

I’ll be turning 25 tomorrow (December 3) and it never stops to amuse me how time flies so fast. It was like yesterday when I first went to school and now, I am a young adult with so many dreams and ambitions. Looking back, there are many lessons I learned from the 25 years of my existence. I believe, these lessons are really valuable and it should also be learned by other people as well, both young and old.

For this reason, let me share with you the 10 lessons I learned from the past 25 years of my life.

Life lesson number 1: You should be ready for anything this life can bring

I learned that life is never predictable. While we are endowed with the power to foresee the future through studying the past and present tendencies of life, there are still factors that are beyond our control…

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