Elevation ~ Open Up Our Eyes


This song by Elevation is so good! Take a listen and b encouraged http://youtu.be/qCO8XLs5TOYimage


Glimmer of Hope!


imageSo, today I wanted to encourage you and me with a story from my past that brought home a great message to me about not giving up and letting our heads drop. I am currently laid up and trusting God to get me through this trial and was reminded of what I am about to share with you. It was a cold winter day and had just got into my car that was warming up before I headed off to work. Before putting my car into drive I took my wedding rings off and put some much needed hand cream on my very dry hands. I then drove off into my day which included working, food shopping, cooking etc. It was just another busy day as usual. As I got to doing the dishes that evening I noticed that my wedding rings were not on my finger. Panic? Yes! I started to backtrack through all the steps I had taken that day before saying anything to my husband. When I finally got the courage to tell him, we worked on backtracking together and what could have happened. It came down to me putting the hand cream on my hands and must have left the rings on my lap without putting them back on my finger and then drove off to work. So, we got in the car and proceeded to go where I had parked my car that day before heading into work. A side street next to the parking lot of my office is where I parked that day. It had snowed that day so the road was snow packed and driven on quite a bit 😦 making this a bit more challenging for us in the job set before us in locating these precious gems. With the headlights on high and flashlights in our hands and praying without ceasing we walked back and forth ever so gently and slowly to see any kind of sign of gold or a glimmer of a diamond poking through in any way. We must have been out there for an hour when I sat myself down in the snow on the sidewalk curb. At this point, a little weary and frustrated I asked my husband to go into the office and check my desk just in case they might be there. As he was about to go in, my head dropped. When it dropped my eyes looked in front of me with the flashlight shining and lo and behold a glimmer of hope was there before me! I yelled to Mike to come and we captured the diamond and moved ever so carefully so we would be able to locate the gold wedding band. Yup, an inch or two away we recovered that as well! I will never forget this evening and the message that spoke loud and clear to my heart from God! When you pray keep on praying and don’t give up! I wish I could say I was perfect and my head did not drop but it did. It was definitely was a life lesson in my christian walk for sure! So, with having written all this out today and the great memory it has for me, I have encouraged myself and I hope it has encouraged you as well! I will leave you and me with a couple scriptures to ponder and meditate on: Galatians 6:9 – Don’t grow weary in well doing for in due season you will reap if you faint not ~ Hebrews 11:1 – Faith is the substance of things hoped the evidence of things not seen and lastly ~ Matthew 7:24-29 Those who hear my sayings and DO them I will liken unto a wise man (when the storms come and beat on your house it will not fall) Let’s be doers of his word – not just on the mountain tops in life in our christian walk but in those valleys we all encounter at one time or another. That’s really where the rubber meets the road and we take what we have learned and know from God’s word and apply and do it! God is ever faithful to His word and will accomplish what it was set out to do for both you and me ~ b encouragedimage