So sweet and innocent: God new from the very beginning!


Married now for 32 years we definitely have had our ups and downs. The core of our relationship is our faith with the beliefs in the trinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The three are the anchor of our souls and our marriage. We are empty nesters now that our one and only daughter is a Junior in College in the beautiful state of Michigan. We typically see her about every 3 months in which we will travel to her in the summer months and she comes our way, to NH, for her Christmas break. Mike and I have had to reinvent ourselves into something different and are starting to enjoy a little bit of travel (mostly in the New England States), gardening, cooking etc. Although, we miss the younger years and the raising our beautiful daughter we know and have accepted that change is inevitable for each and every one of us. She has adapted to living the independent life and we must say she is doing really good at it! She just got her Michigan State license recently, has traveled to New Zealand abroad the end of her Sophomore term and has just made plans to travel to China the last term or her junior semester! We are very elated at how God is taking care of every detail in the plans he has for her in the field of Social work, her true heart <3. Mike and I talk with her from time to time and try to stay connected through face time, skype and iPhone talking! We miss her dearly but know that our lives must move forward as well! Learning new things about ourselves and scheduling time together is very important to stay communicating and enjoying one another in this empty nester stage! It is all good for our soon to be 21 year old daughter in January and we are fine being her little bit older parents now :D. God is in control of it all and are so blessed that we are connected to the three in one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit because without them in our lives we would look and feel so much different! Just as a tree has new growth from year to year because the branches and vine are connected the same principle applies to us in living this christian lifestyle. #branchsandvineliving #reinventing